Recruiting the right people (Part 1)

Although you may not be recruiting bookkeepers, I would like to think that the next series of blogs will be of benefit to your business as you recruit new staff.

We are a small business that cannot afford large advertisements that are to be found everywhere, nor can we afford the services of recruitment companies. However, as Assured Bookkeeping Solutions grows, it is important that we employ the right people. Is this the same with your business?

We believe that our Bookkeepers not only have to be excellent at bookkeeping, but that they must have the right personalities to fit into both the role and the team. A high turnover of staff is very expensive to a business and it can be avoided by recruiting the right people.

Our recruitment process, which is of course crucial to us hiring the right people, comprises the following steps:

  1. Profiling the perfect candidate
  2. Advertising the role
  3. Screening of applicants
  4. Interviews
  5. Testing
  6. Appointment

I will explain how we approach these steps during my forthcoming blogs.

Ian Blackburn

About Assured Bookkeeping (Pty) Ltd

Providers of bookkeeping & payroll services, accounting and tax services
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